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About us
THE COMPANY          GIDO Ltd is a shoe manufacturer founded by using its own capital. The company is established in the town of Peshtera in 1995. At present day about 90% of the production is intended for the EU. Considering the geographical location of Bulgaria and the favorible proportion between price and qality as well as the well-developed logistics turn the company into an attractive business partner.
THE TRADITION         The fact that the town of Peshtera is one of the major shoe industrial centers in Bulgaria is not accidental at all. Traditions in shoe manufacturing date back as early as middle 20th century when a public shoe factory with around 2000 workers was established. Since then the skills and the expirience transfer over generations on. The shoe industry is a vital part of the economics of the town as shoe is one its symbols.
THE MANUFACTURE   The factory settles 6000 m2 as the production premises cover 3500 m2. There are several filial factories under the leadership of GIDO with a total staff of nearly 240 employees and the production capacity varies between 1000 and 2000 pairs per day.
THE DESIGN                  GIDO always offers trendy and original solutions. The company is working with both italian and bulgarian designers. We are introducing yearly two general collections: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each collection consist of around 150 models. Bigger clients can develop their own!
THE VISION                   For the past two years we have invested in new technologies around 1,000,000.00 euro and we have expanded our production capacity. Chasing the best qality by technical improvements is our credo! Our purpose is to find more and serios partners in EU.